End Stations

At the present time, there are no commercial proton beam writers available: The first working prototype has been constructed in the Centre for Ion Beam Applications, Physics Dept, National University of Singapore.

The prototype proton beam writing endstation is custom made, and comprises an Oxford Microbeams compact triplet lens system (OM52), and a endstation chamber. The chamber and focusing lens system are installed on an optical table to reduce vibrations. The sample is mounted in the chamber on a computer controlled Burleigh Inchworm XYZ stage which has a travel of 25 mm for all axes with a 20 nm closed loop resolution. The system has been designed to be compatible with Si wafers up to 6”. For further details refer to reference 2:

Figure 1

Figure 1: The proton beam writer (in the foreground) at the Centre for Ion Beam Applications, Dept of Physics, National University of Singapore.

1) Centre for Ion Beam Applications, Singapore: http://www.ciba.nus.edu.sg
2) J.A. van Kan, A.A. Bettiol and F. Watt, Proton Beam Nano-Machining: End Station Design and Testing, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 777 T2.1.1